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Wednesday 18 January 2017

Cabinets of consequence

(until 29 May 17)

We often do not see the connection between technology and the natural world. Yet the Earth’s beauty and resources have not only inspired technological innovation, they are essential…


Whiteness and weddings in the 'post'-colonial, neoliberal economies of the Caribbean

17:30  — 19:00

This paper will discuss destination weddings in the Caribbean as a lens through which to explore issues of gender, race, and colonial relations in the neoliberal context. It assesses…


Thursday 19 January 2017

Lunch Hour Lectures - Cosmic archaeology

13:15  — 13:55

Telescopes may be the closest thing we have to time machines: the farther in space we look, the earlier in the history of the Universe we get to see. Dr Amelie Saintonge shows how by…


Tuesday 24 January 2017

In the Dark x Grant Museum of Zoology

19:00  — 21:00

In the Dark x Grant Museum of Zoology is a yearlong collaboration celebrating the natural world through sound. Once scattered all over the British countryside all that is left of a…


Lunch Hour Lectures - Following birds along the pathway to invasion

13:15  — 13:55

Biological invasions by aliens (in this context, species transported by human actions to areas in which they do not naturally occur) represent one of the primary ways in which people…


Thursday 26 January 2017

Lunch Hour Lectures - Tackling the challenge of elder abuse in dementia cases

13:15  — 13:55

Elder abuse may be defined as a single or repeated act or lack of appropriate action occurring within any relationship where there is an expectation of trust, which causes harm or distress…


The Secret life of objects: volunteer lunchtime talk

13:15  — 13:45

We have more than 80,000 objects at the UCL Petrie Museum. Discover more about them through a series of short talks given by our team of wonderful volunteers. The stories that you'll…

Petrie Museum

UCL Chamber Music Club Concert: Baroque

17:30  — 18:30

A programme of Baroque music, including music for recorder.

Sheet music

Undead Promenade: Deconstructing the High Line

18:30  — 19:30

The High Line, an innovative promenade created on a disused elevated railway in Manhattan, New York, is one of the world’s most iconic new urban landmarks. Frequently celebrated as…


Monday 30 January 2017

East Side Stories: Londoners in transition

(until 15 Dec 17)

East London has a long and fascinating history of regeneration and change. This exhibition provides snapshots of everyday lives as the metropolis expanded and new communities emerged…


Tuesday 31 January 2017

Lunch Hour Lectures - The global reach of EU law

13:15  — 13:55

Given the global reach of EU law, it may be harder for the UK to 'take back control' than those who favoured withdrawal from the EU might have supposed. This lecture will explore the…


Wednesday 1 February 2017

Drawing on data to transform lives: improving services for vulnerable adolescents

09:45  — 16:30

Hosted by UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health’s Population, Policy and Practice Programme, in partnership with the Children’s Policy Research Unit This event brings…


Thursday 2 February 2017

Lunch Hour Lectures - Planetary economics: getting to a stable climate with a healthy economy

13:15  — 13:55

Why has it been so hard to get to grips with climate change? This scientific, but also deeply moral problem challenges our thinking: it is psychologically distant, yet caused by local…


UCL Chamber Music Club concert: new performers

17:30  — 18:30

New performers’ concert: an opportunity to hear up-and-coming talent from the UCL Chamber Music Club.

Sheet music

Tuesday 7 February 2017

Lunch Hour Lectures - Can we ever have a crime free world?

13:15  — 13:55

Professor Kate Bowers will discuss how crime rates have dropped over the past few decades, and what we need to do to keep them down. Some research on crime control challenges our assumptions…


Wednesday 8 February 2017

Housman Lecture 2017

18:00  — 20:00

The UCL Department of Greek and Latin regularly hosts a public lecture named in honour of its most celebrated professor (and poet) A. E. Housman and delivered by a scholar of international…


Thursday 9 February 2017

Bartlett Film Exchange - London Orbital screening

17:30  — 19:30

Join us for a screening of Iain Sinclair and Chris Petit's London Orbital (2002, 77 mins). In the months leading up to the turning of the millennium, the writer Iain Sinclair decided…


Lunch Hour Lectures - “The youth of our middling rich”: how egalitarian were UCL’s founders?

13:15  — 13:55

When the plan for a university for London was outlined by the poet Thomas Campbell in 1825 in a letter to The Times, the establishment unleashed a storm of controversy. We are proud…


Friday 10 February 2017

UCL Chamber Music Club concert: American experimental

13:10  — 13:55

A lunchtime concert of American experimental music, including a performance of Terry Riley's 'minimalist' classic In C.

Sheet music

Saturday 11 February 2017


17:00  — 19:15

Urban Salon presents #Haters, a spoken-word narrative-theatre play, exploring how “gentrification” in the name of urban regeneration is changing the cultural landscape of the UK. …


Thursday 16 February 2017

UCL Centre for Gender and Global Health Launch Day

10:30  — 19:00

Join us on Thursday 16th February for an exciting day of speeches and panel discussions to celebrate the launch of the new UCL Centre for Gender and Global Health. The day will include…


Monday 20 February 2017

UCL Chamber Music Club concert: Zoltán Kodály

17:30  — 18:30

'Music should belong to everyone': this concert will present a musical portrait of the Hungarian-born composer and pedagogue Zoltán Kodály on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of…

Sheet music

Tuesday 21 February 2017

Lunch Hour Lectures - The Battle Within: mobilising our immune system to fight cancer

13:15  — 13:55

For more than 100 years scientist have attempted to use the immune system to control cancer. In the last 5 years, a number of high profiles clinical trials have finally demonstrated…


Thursday 23 February 2017

Lunch Hour Lectures - Cooling babies to protect the brain: one of the success stories for baby care

13:15  — 13:55

Cooling babies deprived of oxygen at birth improves their chances of growing up without disabilities such as cerebral palsy, blindness and epilepsy. Professor Nicola Robertson of UCL’s…


Tuesday 28 February 2017

Lunch Hour Lectures - Knowledge and law: exploring landscape in the context of wind energy

13:15  — 13:55

Landscape is not just physical, but also filled with symbolic, social and cultural attachments. The impacts of large wind energy projects on landscapes can be enormously contentious…


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