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Monday 30 March 2015

Brain Detectives

(until 10 Apr 15)

Brain Detectives is a half day workshop taking place in the Easter holidays for children aged 6-14 years who are interested in learning about the brain and taking part in some real…


Eights in the Octagon: Medieval and Renaissance perspectives

(until 30 Jun 15)

Inspired by the Octagon’s shape and location, historians of science and culture will investigate the number eight as a significant principle in Medieval and Renaissance systems of measurement,…



10:30  — 11:30

Guest speaker Athen Ayren will discuss the various projects within the organisation Greenpeace.


Queen of the Sciences: a celebration of numbers and the London Mathematical Society

(until 18 Dec 15)

In 2015, the London Mathematical Society – closely associated with UCL since its foundation – is 150 years old. We celebrate its anniversary with an exhibition of documents and correspondence…


Strange Creatures: The art of unknown animals

(until 27 Jun 15)

When new regions are explored and the species in them discovered, how does the wider world get to experience them? From the earliest days of exploration, art has been essential in representing…


Voices of War: UCL in WW1

(until 5 Apr 15)

What was the involvement of UCL students and alumni in the First World War? This exhibition, highlighted by personal stories and artefacts, tells of not only of UCL boys fighting…


Where we are now: Psychoanalytic research in the 21st century

(until 12 Apr 15)

This new exhibition explores how psychoanalytic ideas are currently used in research which engages with very contemporary issues and the challenges of the modern world. The pieces…


Tuesday 31 March 2015

Cultural evolution of Neolithic Europe

09:00  — 17:00

The UCL institute of Archaeology will be hosting a one-day conference, reporting the most up to date results from the ERC-funded EUROEVOL project, providing a new account of the role…


Information security evening

17:30  — 19:30

Interested in information security? Want to know more about privacy and hacking? UCL's world leading information security group is opening its doors and offering the opportunity to…


Wednesday 8 April 2015

Heroes from the dark side or the light side? Ancient and modern heroes versus the Minotaur

18:00  — 20:30

Join us for a glass of wine, a quality screening and an erudite introduction. In the pilot episode from BBC Atlantis ‘The Earth Bull’ from 2013 a modern hero from the light side Jason…


Friday 10 April 2015

The politics of autonomy in Latin America: the art of organising hope

17:30  — 19:30

'The Power of Autonomy in Latin America: the Art of Organising Hope' by Ana Cecilia (Bath) offers a much-needed critical review of the concept an practice of autonomy. By establishing…


Monday 13 April 2015

UCL Teaching and Learning Conference 2015 - Morning Plenary

09:30  — 11:15

UCL has recently launched a major institution-wide initiative, the Connected Curriculum, which seeks to transform the learning experience of our students and staff. Run jointly with…


Wednesday 15 April 2015

Coalition or minority government in May?

13:00  — 14:00

Robert Hazell and Peter Riddell have been briefing the broadcasters on the process of government formation in the event of a hung Parliament. This seminar is based on that briefing,…


The Medmerry Managed Re-alignment Scheme

18:00  — 19:30

The Environment Agency‘s Medmerry Managed Re-alignment Scheme was the largest coastal re-alignment ever undertaken on the open coast in Europe. The scheme presented many challenges.…


Thursday 16 April 2015

The Light Project - Innovations

18:00  — 20:00

PhD student, Meghan Strong (Cambridge), is researching how the Ancient Egyptians illuminated the world around them. She will share her insights from working with lamps in the Petrie…


Tuesday 21 April 2015

Draw it like Stubbs

18:30  — 21:00

What animal could you draw from just written descriptions made by sailors who compared something to a greyhound, wild dog, hare, deer, goat, mouse, jerboa and sheep? A kangaroo? Well…


Thursday 23 April 2015

The Light Project - Symbolism

18:00  — 20:00

An evening of light offerings – getting to grips with the ancient symbolism of the hieroglyphs and looking at what was involved in making offerings at the temple and how that involved…


Saturday 25 April 2015

Creating Strange Creatures

13:00  — 16:00

The Museum has many amazing animals on display but some have to be seen to be believed. Come along and be inspired by the natural world to create your own animal artwork with a Museum…


Monday 27 April 2015


(until 12 Jun 15)

UCL Art Museum celebrates its post-renovation reopening with Re-Launch: an exhibition of objects, prints, video and live works on the theme of re-launching by some of the most promising…


Tuesday 28 April 2015

UCL Chamber Music Club Concert

17:30  — 18:30

A rare opportunity to hear Franz Schubert's masterpiece of chamber music, the Octet in F major, D.803

Sheet music

Wednesday 29 April 2015

The science of laughter

18:00  — 19:00

If you ask people what makes them laugh, they will tell you they laugh at jokes: however if you look at when they laugh a very different pattern emerges, in which laughter can be seen…


Thursday 30 April 2015

Mother art and gendered psychoanalysis: Barbara Hepworth and Adrian Stokes

18:00  — 19:30

Ahead of the Barbara Hepworth exhibition opening this June at Tate Britain, Janet Sayers draws attention to the ‘mother art’ and gendered version of psychoanalysis used by Adrian Stokes…


Nights in the electric city

19:00  — 22:00

An evening of screenings and discussion about nightlife in early-twentieth century cities, accompanied by a live pianist and a panel of guests. Films include: - Piccadilly (1929)…


The Light Project - Capturing Light

18:00  — 20:00

A chance to explore the Petrie Archive Collection of photographs and filmed excavations looking at the role of photography and film in early archaeology with historian Amara Thornton…


Why is finishing your plate never enough?

13:00  — 14:00

A third of the world’s food is wasted, but contrary to what the supermarkets would have you believe this is not principally your fault. Most food waste occurs in the industry supply…


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