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Saturday 6 February 2016

Embroidered Minds: William Gowers & the Morris Family

(until 26 Feb 16)

William Morris, designer and social reformer, lived and worked in Queen Square from 1865-1881. Embroidered Minds, a collaboration between artists, writers, doctors and academics, is…


Fair play and foul: connecting with Shakespeare at UCL

(until 15 Dec 16)

This exhibition considers Shakespeare’s influence and our perennial fascination with the Bard. From the cause célèbre of William Ireland’s forgeries in the 1790s to the continuing…


PASSING ENCOUNTERS: The dead body and the public realm

12:30  — 17:30

PASSING ENCOUNTERS explores manifestations of the post-death body in the public realm, by bringing together artists, historians, sociologists and forensic anthropologists to discuss…


Revolution under a King: French prints 1789-92

(until 10 Jun 16)

We are pleased to announce we'll be opening the Revolution under a King: French prints 1789-92 exhibition in January. Showing a unique collection of prints from the first three years…


The Future Forward Mini-me

(until 29 Feb 16)

Come and have a look at the photographic exhibition of our creative participants envisaging their future and making their own mini-mes. This activity and the subsequent exhibition…


We need to talk: Connecting through technology

(until 20 Apr 16)

We Need To Talk is a new and exciting exhibition that explores the technologies we have used to communicate with each other in different periods of time. It challenges the way we see…


Monday 8 February 2016

Europe's present discontents

18:00  — 20:00

This roundtable event will take up these questions by discussing two recently published books: Beyond the Crisis: The Governance of Europe's Economic, Political and Legal Transformation,…

European flag

Tuesday 9 February 2016

Lunch Hour Lectures: Why do we give? Charity-giving through an evolutionary lens

13:15  — 13:55

In this talk, Dr Nichola Raihani will discuss how individuals might themsleves benefit from making charitable donations and how our psychology might trick us into believing that we…


One Country, Two Systems: an unfinished experiment?

13:00  — 14:00

What has gone wrong with this One Country, Two Systems model? How far has it been successfully implemented? What are the challenges? And what is the future for the rule of law and…


Wednesday 10 February 2016

Citizens’ assemblies and democracy in the UK: lessons from two successful pilots

13:00  — 14:00

The idea of holding a constitutional convention in the UK has been prominent ever since the Scottish independence referendum in September 2014, and the dominant proposal for the design…


Counter Memories: Military Cultural Interventions in Post-Shining Path Peru

17:30  — 19:00

In the field of memory studies in Latin America, 'memory' implicitly connotes human rights, specifically the defense of human rights that have been transgressed, and the rights of victims…


Reading Agatha Christie’s Akenaton

18:00  — 20:00

Never before performed, Agatha Christie’s Akenaton depicts an empire in the midst of crisis, led by a visionary pharaoh wanting to break with the old ways. Actors and volunteers will…


Revolution under a King lunchtime talk

13:00  — 17:00

Join colleagues Dr Richard Taws and Dr Sue Walker from UCL History of Art as they talk about the production of art, image and propaganda in the "age of revolution" from 1789 to 1848.


The 2016 UCL Classical Play: Menander’s The Grouch

(until 12 Feb 16)

The UCL Department of Greek and Latin is delighted to invite you to our 2016 production of Menander’s Dyskolos (‘The Grouch’), directed by Hippolyte Broud and produced by Chris Gallacher.…


Thursday 11 February 2016

Anti-Valentine Late Opening at the Jewish Museum

18:00  — 21:00

The Jewish Museum will hold a themed late opening event to coincide with their temporary exhibition Blood. Visitors will have the opportunity to explore the museum after hours, view…


Lunch Hour Lectures: The illusion of infinity: is there a limit to optical fibre bandwidth?

13:15  — 13:55

The development of the optical fibre communication network has sparked the communication revolution and the growth of the internet. Is there a limit to the capacity of an optical fibre…


Scents & Sensuality: Fragrance during the Reign of Akhenaten

18:00  — 20:00

Using the most evocative of the human senses, discover the might of heretic king Akhenaten and his famously beautiful queen Nefertiti with that renowned purveyor of olfactory adventures,…


The making of a European President, and what needs to change for 2019

17:30  — 19:00

In November 2014, Jean-Claude Juncker took office as President of the European Commission, following Europe’s first presidential campaign. The biggest change in twenty years in the…


Translation in prehistory

18:30  — 20:00

Dr Daniel Abondolo (UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies) explores translation in the distant past, before writing. These may all be characterized as various forms of copying:…


Friday 12 February 2016

Grant Museum After Hours: Valentine’s at the Grant

18:30  — 21:00

Birds do it, bees do it, even educated fleas do it, so where better to do it yourself than at the Grant Museum of Zoology. Whether you’re looking for love or seeking to impress your…


UCL Chamber Music Club Concert

13:10  — 13:55

The programme for this lunchtime concert will consist of Schubert’s ‘Trout’ Quintet, D.667.


Saturday 13 February 2016

Explore Zoology

13:00  — 16:00

Ever wondered how heavy an elephant tusk is or how sharp a shark’s tooth is or how many scales a pangolin has? Well, bring along your budding zoologists for our family hands-on specimen…


Monday 15 February 2016

Al Biruni and his world

09:30  — 18:00

Abu Rayhan al-Biruni, who flourished at the end of the 10th and the beginning of the 11th century CE, was a famous Central Asian astronomer, mathematician and polymath. His book known…


Building better buildings: 50 years of environmental design and engineering at The Bartlett

09:30  — 19:00

UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering (UCL IEDE) hosts the last event in Zero Carbon Hub's Building Better Buildings series. This full day conference will look back…


Family Fun at the Grant Museum

(until 20 Feb 16)

We have rifled through our drawers and searched through our cabinets to bring out some of our most amazing animals for our family hands-on specimen based activities this half term.…


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