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Tuesday 11 March 2014

A Fusion of Worlds: Ancient Egypt, African Art and Identity in Modernist Britain

(until 24 May 14)

An exploration of the ways in which modernist artists – Jacob Epstein, Edna Manley and Ronald Moody – have been inspired by Ancient Egypt. The exhibition places these artists’ reworking…


Art and Honour : contemporary impressions of WWI

(until 19 Dec 14)

This exhibition in the Main Library commemorates the start of World War I and has at its centre the UCL Roll of Honour. Drawing on UCL Special Collections’ Little Magazines, College…


Civilisation: Feasting and drinking

18:30  — 20:00

Food and drink figure prominently in the understanding of civilisation as a process that incorporates forms of etiquette. Archaeologists have focused on the origins of food production…


Collecting knowledge in motion

(until 21 Jun 14)

Collections, like Universities, are factories of knowledge. Institutionally, they often appear to be rooted in place, but spatially and intellectually, they exist in constant and dynamic…


Darwin (or) Bust

(until 2 Apr 14)

UCL’s Institute of Making, together with UCL Structural and Molecular Biology, UCL Genetics, Evolution and Environment and the Grant Museum had challenged the IoM’s members to recreate…


Demonic Possession

17:00  — 19:00

This paper will begin with general depictions of the devil and then focus specifically on exorcism in art. Inspired by the work of Victor Stoichita with early modern paintings of mysticism,…


Inaugural Lecture: In the line of fire - Terrorism and political violence in late Imperial Russia

18:30  — 19:30

In the early twentieth century, Russia experienced a wave of terrorism unprecedented in European history: hundreds of assassinations, bombings, and ‘expropriations’ claimed thousands…


Lunch Hour Lecture: Should we experiment with the climate?

13:15  — 13:55

Policies to tackle climate change do not seem to be working. Some scientists have begun to look into tacking climate change directly, through 'geoengineering', but the risks, ethics…


Time Based Media at UCL Art Museum

(until 28 Mar 14)

This exhibition looks at the way video, sound and multimedia are used in a range of ways to create a dialogue between the viewer and object, and the virtual and reality. Opening Hours: 1 - 5pm


UCL Research Network Seminar Series – Neoliberalism / Argentine History

17:30  — 19:30

The UCL Americas Research Network is pleased to present its fourth research seminar, as part of an ongoing series of seminars, taking place regularly throughout the academic year. The…


Wonderments of Cosmos Seminar Series

17:00  — 18:30

An interdisciplinary seminar series taking place every Tuesday for 4 weeks after reading week. Bringing together scholars from across UCL who have an interest in the COSMOS and cosmology…


Wednesday 12 March 2014

Bentham's 'Revisionist' Positivism

11:00  — 13:00

Professor G.J. Postema will deliver a seminar entitled "Bentham's 'Revisionist' Positivism". Gerald J. Postema is the Cary C. Boshamer Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at the…


Caribbean Tourism: Consumption of places and the growth of the sin industries

17:30  — 18:00

John Urry’s book, The Tourist Gaze (1990) raised awareness about the centrality of places and experiences to the tourist trade. Since then a number of studies have documented how places,…


Disability and disasters

18:00  — 20:30

In very many cases, the needs of people with disabilities are neglected in arrangements for managing emergencies & reducing the impacts of disaster. People with disabilities constitute…


Greek Tragedy's Renaissance Inflections

14:00  — 19:00

A consideration of the early reception of Greek Tragedy in early modern Europe, bringing together classicists and early modernists, the event will include performances of short scenes…


Legacies of European colonial slavery

18:00  — 20:00

Colonial slavery profoundly shaped modern Europe – the continent as well as the British Isles. Yet while its legacies clearly reach into our world today, the extent and limits of slavery’s…


On Supernovae and Serendipity: The discovery at UCL of a supernova in the Galaxy M82

16:00  — 17:00

The luminous, explosive events which we call Type Ia supernovae arise from the thermonuclear runaway explosion of a white-dwarf star. They are the key to measuring accurate distances…


Thursday 13 March 2014

Beyond Seizures – Launch

18:00  — 19:30

London Brain Project will be kick starting Brain Awareness Week with an exhibition of pieces from a unique collaboration between people with epilepsy, neuroscientists, and artists.…


From extremism to climate change: Studying political issues in the digital age

17:30  — 19:00

Richard Rogers proposes a methodological outlook that seeks to align political and social research with the digital age. Rogers uses this new methodological outlook to examine anew…


Lunch Hour Lecture: Medieval languages of persuasion

13:15  — 13:55

Divine letters, supernatural visions and apocalyptic curses were often successfully employed by medieval clerics to persuade their counterparts to do what they wanted them to do. This…

Negotiating religion

That Jamaica: Women, Secrets, and Battyman Business

17:30  — 19:30

This talk will consider the possible connections between 'outlawed' ('queer') sexual and romantic desire (including interracial 'queer' sexual intimacy and secrecy), bi-national identities…


The Postwar quest for justice: Jewish honor courts in Poland and in the displaced persons camps

18:45  — 20:00

Based on previously un-studied documents from the Honor Court of the Central Committee of Polish Jews and the DP Honor Courts in Germany, Austria and Italy, the lecture will discuss…


Translation in History Lecture Series: Language and Translation in Rabbinic Thought

18:00  — 19:30

This lecture will focus on the rabbinic views of translation against the background of their views on language. More specifically, their views on the use of languages will be related…


UCL Chamber Music Club Concert

13:10  — 13:55

A concert representing a day in a life in music. Works will include Ian Clarke’s Orange Dawn for flute and piano, and Mozart’s Overture to The Marriage of Figaro arranged for flute choir.


Friday 14 March 2014

Politics in the Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies

10:00  — 18:00

This conference, convened by Dr Peter Clegg (University of the West of England) and David Killingray (Emeritus Professor, Goldsmiths) is the second event to be run under the umbrella…


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