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Saturday 4 November 2017

East Side Stories: Londoners in transition

(until 15 Dec 17)

East London has a long and fascinating history of regeneration and change. This exhibition provides snapshots of everyday lives as the metropolis expanded and new communities emerged…


Edge - Situated Practice in Art, Architecture and Urbanism (Day 3)

09:00  — 17:30

The final day in the Edge - Situated Practice in Art, Architecture and Urbanism series is hosted in Folkestone, on the final weekend of the Folkestone Triennial. At the littoral edge…


Explore Zoology

13:00  — 16:00

Ever wondered how heavy an elephant tusk is or how sharp a shark’s tooth is or how many teeth a dolphin has? Bring along your budding zoologists and be inspired by the natural world.…


Green Week

(until 5 Nov 17)

Join us for a week of festivities aimed to inspire and engage you in sustainable living! Green Week is a great opportunity for students and staff to celebrate and raise awareness…


The composition has been reversed

(until 15 Dec 17)

Annual UCL Art Museum/Slade collaboration. View new work by Slade artists Sonya Derviz, Cyrus Hung, Eloise Lawson, Amanda Rice and Grace Richardson inspired by UCL Art Museum's collection.


The Museum of Ordinary Animals

(until 16 Dec 17)

This exhibition tells stories of the boring beasts that have changed the world. Mundane creatures like dogs, cats, cows, chickens and mice often get overlooked in displays for dinosaurs,…


UCL MA Museum Studies Exhibition: Sex and Symbolism

(until 27 Apr 18)

Visit the Institute of Archaeology for an exciting new exhibition on sex and symbolism! Organised by the MA Museum Studies students, this exhibition will use art, archaeology, and modern…


What does it mean to be human?

(until 28 Feb 18)

For several decades, the preserved heads of Jeremy Bentham and Flinders Petrie – two intellectuals related to UCL – have been hidden from view. Following on from a project to extract…


Monday 6 November 2017

Lecture: The Frugal Innovation Mindset

10:00  — 11:00

Dr Prashant Jha from the Stanford-India Biodesign (SIB) Programme at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) and the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi, India will…


Psychosis: a disorder of the social brain? - ICN Autumn Term Seminar Series

16:00  — 17:00

Speaker: Nichola Raihani, Experimental Psychology Dept, University College London Psychosis: a disorder of the social brain? Host: Sarah-Jayne Blakemore


UCL-TB international guest lecture with Dr Gerald Friedland

17:30  — 20:00

UCL-TB is delighted to host Dr Gerald Friedland, Professor Emeritus at Yale University, for this special guest lecture. Dr Friedland's talk, "Confronting HIV and TB from the Bronx NY…


Tuesday 7 November 2017

In Conversation: Conserving the Contemporary

13:00  — 14:00

As part of their residency at UCL Art Museum artists Cyrus Hung and Amanda Richardson have invited conservators and artists to discuss the challenges of curating contemporary art created to have a short life-span.


Wednesday 8 November 2017

Otto Wolff Annual Guest Lecture - Postgraduate Open Day

16:30  — 17:30

This event is part of the UCL GOS Institute of Child Health Postgraduate Open Day and Part of the Otto Wolff Lecture series 2017. Speaker: Professor Maria Fitzgerald, Professor of…


The problem of education and development in sub-Saharan Africa

17:45  — 19:00

African governments and donor partners have long regarded investment in education as being central to economic growth in the region – but this investment is yet to achieve rapid economic…


Thursday 9 November 2017

CEID SEMINAR SERIES - 2017/18. SEMINAR 2: Higher education and the public good in Africa

17:30  — 19:00

Higher education, inequality and the public good in four African countries: Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria & South Africa. Higher education has considerable potential for benefiting all segments…


Mental health and wellbeing in the millennial generations seminar

09:00  — 10:45

Young people’s mental health and wellbeing has become a prominent social issue in recent months, receiving high-profile attention from the royal family and political parties. This…



18:30  — 21:00

Experience the Grant Museum of Zoology through song. Immerse yourself with the insects, fish and birds on display and enjoy performance made up on the spot by the world’s only improvising…


Friday 10 November 2017

Dr Aleida Guevara on Cuban Medical Internationalism

18:00  — 19:30

Aleida Guevara, Cuban doctor, and daughter of Ernesto 'Che' Guevara - Cuba sends medical brigades in response to disasters, has established health centres in low-income and remote areas…


Jaron Lanier A Journey Through Virtual Reality

13:00  — 14:00

We are pleased to host this lecture by Jaron Lanier a major founder of the field, and indeed credited with coining the term "virtual reality". He was the founder of VPL Research in…


Saturday 11 November 2017

DevFest London 2017

The largest free community created tech conference in the UK, carefully crafted for you by the Google Developer Group (GDG) community and University College London (UCL)! GDG London…


Monday 13 November 2017

African Perspectives on Empathy, Reparative Humanism and Recognition

18:00  — 20:00

The speaker Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela (Stellenbosh University) seeks to broaden the horizon of understanding of the dynamics of empathy in victim-perpetrator encounters. She lays out…


Bricks and Mortals: the history of eugenics, told through buildings

(until 22 Dec 17)

Eugenics – the science of improving human populations by selective breeding – is generally associated with the Nazis, but in fact has its roots in Britain. Take a walk on this self-directed…


Cortical inhibition:the gate-keeper of associative memories - ICN Autumn Term Seminar Series

16:00  — 17:00

Speaker: Helen Barron, MRC Brain Network Dynamics Unit, University of Oxford Cortical inhibition:the gate-keeper of associative memories Host: Tamar Makin


Powering Up Research, Data Fuelled Innovation

13:30  — 17:30

This event aims to bring together researchers from varying disciplines across Science and Engineering South Consortium and provide them with a forum to share ideas, discover cross-disciplinary…


Tuesday 14 November 2017

Trump's Wall at Nixon's Border: How Richard Nixon's 'Operation Intercept' of 1969 laid foundations for the Hemispheric Drug War and the Border Wall

18:00  — 19:30

Patrick Timmons - In September 1969 the Nixon Administration launched Operation Intercept along the U.S.-Mexico border and at each of its crossing points. Intercept's stated aims were…


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