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Wednesday 6 December 2017

Bricks and Mortals: the history of eugenics, told through buildings

(until 22 Dec 17)

Eugenics – the science of improving human populations by selective breeding – is generally associated with the Nazis, but in fact has its roots in Britain. Take a walk on this self-directed…



(until 16 Dec 17)

Tuesdays- Saturdays Bompas & Parr and the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology will unveil Curses! on the 17th November 2017, cursing participants in a month-long installation within…


Designing methods of involvement and engagement with different versions of “patient experience”

12:45  — 13:45

This presentation will share different design-led approaches to involving and engaging people with MS in health care research and service improvement projects. Design-led methods using…

East Side Stories: Londoners in transition

(until 15 Dec 17)

East London has a long and fascinating history of regeneration and change. This exhibition provides snapshots of everyday lives as the metropolis expanded and new communities emerged…


Routes to Opportunity - Addressing the non-university skills gap

08:30  — 10:00

The Grand Challenge of Justice and Equality is pleased to launch "Routes to Opportunity - Addressing the non-university skills gap" - a report on access to technical and vocational…


The composition has been reversed

(until 15 Dec 17)

Annual UCL Art Museum/Slade collaboration. View new work by Slade artists Sonya Derviz, Cyrus Hung, Eloise Lawson, Amanda Rice and Grace Richardson inspired by UCL Art Museum's collection.


The Museum of Ordinary Animals

(until 16 Dec 17)

This exhibition tells stories of the boring beasts that have changed the world. Mundane creatures like dogs, cats, cows, chickens and mice often get overlooked in displays for dinosaurs,…


UCL MA Museum Studies Exhibition: Sex and Symbolism

(until 27 Apr 18)

Visit the Institute of Archaeology for an exciting new exhibition on sex and symbolism! Organised by the MA Museum Studies students, this exhibition will use art, archaeology, and modern…


What does it mean to be human?

(until 28 Feb 18)

For several decades, the preserved heads of Jeremy Bentham and Flinders Petrie – two intellectuals related to UCL – have been hidden from view. Following on from a project to extract…


Thursday 7 December 2017

Book launch: 'Winning Our Freedoms Together: African Americans and Apartheid, 1945-1960'

18:00  — 19:30

UCL Institute of the Americas is pleased to host Dr. Nicholas Grant (UEA), who will be discussing his new book Winning Our Freedoms Together: African Americans and Apartheid, 1945-1960…



10:00  — 17:00

Come donate & swap items in good condition that you don't use anymore: clothes, shoes, accessories, books, DVDs, CDs, and last year's secret santa gifts :-) You can swap your items…



18:00  — 20:00

Possibly the most important Muslim thinker of the 20th century, the Indian poet and philosopher Mohammad Iqbal continues to exercise a significant influence globally. Like many anti-colonial…


UCL Chamber Music Club Christmas Concert

18:00  — 19:00

Christmas Concert - Come and join us in the Garden Room for a celebration of seasonal music, both choral and instrumental, including the first performance of Puer natus est nobis by…

Sheet music

Friday 8 December 2017


17:00  — 19:00

Claire Dwyer (Migration Research Unit, Geography, UCL) on how issues of ‘integration’ are contested and constructed by British Muslims drawing on research on state-funded Muslim schools…


Unlocking Maya Hieroglyphs and how the English helped solve the mystery

18:00  — 19:00

Bruce Love (Former President, Mayas for Ancient Mayan & Curator, Contributions to Mesoamerican Studies) will give a special lecture at the Institute of Archaeology on 8 December. …


Saturday 9 December 2017

Explore Zoology

13:00  — 16:00

Ever wondered how heavy an elephant tusk is or how sharp a shark’s tooth is or how many teeth a dolphin has? Bring along your budding zoologists and be inspired by the natural world.…


Monday 11 December 2017

Multisensory integration at the crossroads of attention, conflict and awareness - ICN Autumn Term Seminar Series

16:00  — 17:00

Speaker: Salvador Soto-Faraco, Catalan Institution for Research and Advanced Studies, Barcelona Host: Mairead MacSweeney


Sexual Rights are Human Rights: What about Sexual Pleasure?

18:00  — 20:00

The Global Advisory Board (GAB) for Sexual Health and Wellbeing, in collaboration with the UCL Centre for Gender and Global Health and Durex™, are organising an interactive panel discussion…


Tuesday 12 December 2017

'Worth Dying For?' - Berta Cáceres and violence against land rights defenders in Honduras

17:30  — 19:00

'Worth Dying For?' explores the aftermath of the murder of Honduras’ most well-known environmental activist Berta Cáceres, and the dramatic levels of violence targeting land rights…


ALS Seminar Series: Overcoming muscle paralysis using stem cells and optogenetics

12:00  — 13:00

Speaker: Barney Bryson - Sobell Department, Institute of Neurology, UCL Host: Linda Greensmith This is part of the ALS Seminar Series. All welcome.


Launch of UCL’s Collaborative Social Science Domain (CSSD): supporting social scientists across the disciplinary spectrum at UCL

17:30  — 19:30

Join us to formally launch UCL’s Collaborative Social Science Domain (CSSD). This will be an ideal opportunity for UCL researchers to discover how our Domain can support them and facilitate…


Wednesday 13 December 2017

Citizens’ Assembly on Brexit: what kind of Brexit do people want?

18:00  — 19:30

In September the Constitution Unit convened a Citizens’ Assembly to engage in detailed, reflective and informed discussions about what the UK’s post-Brexit relations with the European…


Early Childhood Education and Care: Alternative Perspectives, New Debates

13:15  — 18:30

Join us for an afternoon conference and stay for the launch of ‘The SAGE Handbook of Early Childhood Policy’ with Professor Jane Payler at UCL Institute of Education. Early childhood…


Fake News and Echo Chambers: the Ethics of Partisan Media Consumption

15:00  — 17:00

Most politically aligned citizens live in echo chambers. In an era of unprecedented access to diverse media, they consume the vast majority of their news from a handful of sources,…


Slade Open Studios

10:00  — 16:00

The Slade opens its doors to the public, inviting visitors, UCL students, staff and prospective applicants to look round the studios, see students at work and meet both Slade students and staff from 10am - 4pm.

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