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Sunday 11 November 2018

Bored Clouds Tickled by Frightened Tornadoes exhibition

(until 23 Nov 18)

This exhibition celebrations a long-distance collaboration between Nat Chard and Perry Kulper, which has spanned over a decade. Both understand and respect the traditional motivations…


Brain Food Event Submissions

(until 23 Nov 18)

UCL's CAM Events team are now welcoming submissions from all UCL departments for their public events to be featured in the Spring edition of Brain Food, UCL's public events leaflet.…


Defying Death: A Human Journey Through Medicine

(until 16 Apr 19)

The UCL Institute of Archaeology’s new student exhibition, Defying Death: A Human Journey Through Medicine, will run from May 2018 to April 2019. The exhibition showcases how humanity…


“Dangers and Delusions”? Perspectives on the women’s suffrage movement

(until 14 Dec 18)

Displaying items from UCL Special Collections, this exhibition examines the actions and reactions attending the women's suffrage movement from the 1860s up to the Representation of…


Monday 12 November 2018

Confrontations: Sessions in East European Art History at the Post-socialist Art Centre (PACT)

18:00  — 20:00

Join us for the launch of Confrontations: Sessions in East European Art History, with an introductory panel talk by programme leaders Dr Maja Fowkes and Dr Reuben Fowkes (PACT UCL /…


Neale Lecture 2018: 'Corruption and the evolution of office'

18:00  — 20:30

This year's Neale Lecture will be given by Professor Mark Knights, University of Warwick, on 'Corruption and the evolution of office: Britain and its Empire, 1600-1850'. The Neale…


Tuesday 13 November 2018

Cheater's dilemma: Iraqi signals, reputation and WMD disarmament (1991-2003)

18:15  — 19:30

In March 2003, the United States led a coalition to topple Saddam Hussein's regime believing Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). We now know that the regime secretly destroyed…


God in Gower Street: A Year of Faith at UCL

12:00  — 14:00

God in Gower Street – celebrating faith at UCL Staff and students of all faiths and none are invited to join a special get-together to mark UK Interfaith Week with a celebration…


Lunch Hour Lecture: The Impact of the First World War on UCL

13:10  — 13:55

The First World War had a significant impact on life at UCL, as at other universities in the UK. Over 2,600 members and former members of College served during the war. The UCL community…


Value Matters - Architectural History Keynote

18:00  — 19:30

Value Matters with Rosi Braidotti A posthuman glossary for societal, environmental and urban security This lecture examines new ‘Posthuman Glossaries’ which may enrich the design,…


Wednesday 14 November 2018

Affect, Excess and Settler Colonialism in Israel-Palestine

17:00  — 19:00

The UCL Gender and Feminism Research Network at the IAS is delighted to welcome Dr Katie Natanel, Lecturer in Gender Studies at the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies, University…


Book launch talk: 'Why can't you afford a home?' by Josh Ryan-Collins

18:30  — 20:00

Throughout the western world, a whole generation is being priced out of the housing market. While wages and incomes continue to stagnate for the majority, house prices and rents remain…


Encoding and Analysis, and Encoding as Analysis, in Textual Editing

17:30  — 19:30

This talk will examine methods of text encoding and text analysis as complementary activities that can generate research questions and facilitate more expansive digital editions and…


SSEESing Salisbury

19:00  — 21:00

Sergei and Yulia Skripal were poisoned with Novichok in Salisbury on 4 March 2018. Subsequently, two further people – Charlie Rowley and Dawn Sturgess – were poisoned, the latter fatally.…


The Caribbean Frontier: Learning from the ‘small’ islands - St. Vincent and the Grenadines

17:30  — 19:00

A neglected feature of societies in the Caribbean is their ‘frontier’ style. They are societies caught in the balance between imposed ‘civilizing’ forces and an untamed ‘wild’ that…


Thursday 15 November 2018

FPHS International Lecture 2018 - Advancing Nutrition for Global Health

17:30  — 18:30

UCL Faculty of Population Health Sciences are delighted to announce that Professor Wafaie Fawzi from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health will be visiting the Faculty to give the…


LLAKES Centre Conference 2018

(until 16 Nov 18)

Young Adults, Inequality and the Generational Divide: Learning and Life Chances in an Era of Uncertainty Young people in many western countries face declining opportunities across…


Mechanisms of adopting and reformulating comprehensive sexuality education policy in Ethiopia

17:30  — 19:00

Mechanisms of adopting and reformulating comprehensive sexuality education policy in Ethiopia - CEID Visiting Scholar Seminar Chair: Jenny Parkes, UCL Institute of Education Comprehensive…


Protest - Performativity - Post-Truth: The Legacy of 1968

10:00  — 17:00

Event hosted by the Czech Centre London, the UCL European Institute, the UCL FRINGE Centre, and the UCL Institute of Advanced Studies. With its three main panels – Protest and Performativity;…


STEaPP in Conversation with Professor Vicky Pope

17:00  — 18:00

STEaPP in Conversation with Professor Vicky Pope: Impacts of weather and climate: Creating usable science Improved information on weather and climate have been driven by the growth…


Understanding Trump Trade Policy

18:15  — 19:30

President Donald Trump has upended the norms of US trade policy and imposed tariffs on friends and foes alike. What is the president trying to achieve? Will US trade policy revert to…


Tuesday 20 November 2018

Chess, not chequers

12:30  — 13:45

The prevalence of chronic diseases is increasing, inequalities are widening, and the resources to respond are ever more constrained. There are no simple answers to any of this, but…


Lunch Hour Lecture: Tracing Desert Sand over Months to Millions of Years

13:10  — 13:55

Northern Chad’s Bodele Depression is home to the world’s largest and fastest moving barchan (crescentic) dunes. These dunes are not made of sand but of diatom fossils. The migration…


Transforming Construction: an integrating agenda for a fragmented industry

18:30  — 19:30

Join us for the launch of a major new UKRI-funded national network to unite and transform the UK construction industry, the Transforming Construction Network Plus (N+). With £1m to…


Wednesday 21 November 2018

Passing in: Access and influence in higher education

13:00  — 19:00

A study day exploring gender equality at UCL since the 1860s, featuring a re-enactment performance of prospective students’ admissions experience before 1919. Set against the turbulent…


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