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Thursday 10 May 2018

Lunch Hour Lectures on Tour: The Value of Biodiversity; When a Frog and a Virus Went to War (and How the Battles Were Won and Lost)

12:30  — 14:00

Further information about the lectures: The Value of Biodiversity As biodiversity continues to decline globally, there is much debate about the strength of different arguments for…


Thursday 17 May 2018

Lunch Hour Lectures on Tour - Is Man Just Another Animal?; Gibbonology: Why Study Southeast Asia’s Small Apes?

12:30  — 14:00

Is Man Just Another Animal? Homo sapiens shares much of his DNA with the animals in this zoo; with the chimpanzee sharing around 95% of our genes. In Darwin's day such physical similarity…


Thursday 24 May 2018

Lunch Hour Lectures on Tour: Wasps - The Neglected Darlings of the Insect World; Conservation 4.0 – Will robots take your job?

12:30  — 14:00

Wasps: the Neglected Darlings of the Insect World Wasps are much more than the yellow and black striped pesky picnic-botherers. Wasps are one of the most diverse groups of insects;…