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09:00 - 17:30 4 November 2017

Edge - Situated Practice in Art, Architecture and Urbanism (Day 3)


49 Tontine Street | Folkestone | CT20 1BN | United Kingdom

Open to: Public | Academic | Student

Speaker information

Friedrich Ludewig
Lewis Biggs
Dr Lesley Hardy
Dr Darrell Rohl

The final day in the Edge - Situated Practice in Art, Architecture and Urbanism series is hosted in Folkestone, on the final weekend of the Folkestone Triennial.

At the littoral edge of southeast England, Folkestone and its urbanism connect equally with water and land. From 1842 to 1992 it was the main pivot for passenger transport between France and England, and with the more recent construction of HS1, Folkestone has been gifted the status of dormitory suburb to the Capital. On the final day, the focus will again be on art-led urbanism, especially the contribution of the 'local international' and the 'social practice' of artists, architects and critics.

A keynote presentation will be provided by Friedrich Ludewig. Other confirmed speakers include Lewis Biggs, Dr Lesley Hardy, Dr Darrell Rohl, The Decorators, Diane Dever, STROOM, Professor Charles Quick, Dr JJ Charlesworth, Princess Marilyn Douala Manga Bell, and Professor Anthony Downey.


Jordan Rowe
+44 (0)20 3108 9402 | urbanlaboratory@ucl.ac.uk


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