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16:00 - 17:00 25 April 2018

UCL CDCN Seminar: 'Development of memory and spatial circuits in the rat'


Leolin Price, Lower Ground Floor (link Map)
UCL GOS Institute of Child Health | London | United Kingdom

Open to: Academic | Student

Speaker: Dr Francesca Cacucci, UCL GOS Institute of Child Health “'Development of memory and spatial circuits in the rat”

Abstract: Since the seminal discovery made by John O’Keefe in the 1970s, that single hippocampal pyramidal neurons emit spikes when a rat is traversing a restricted portion of space (the cell’s place field), a host of spatial responses has been uncovered in the hippocampal formation and beyond. We now know that these spatial networks contain neurons encoding the current heading of the animal (head direction cells), its current location (place cells), cells encoding prominent boundaries located at specific directions from the animal (boundary cells) and distance travelled (grid cells). Together, these spatial responses are thought to constitute a neural map that the organism can use to know where it is and to navigate towards goal locations....


Katherine Ross
020 7905 2181 | katherine.ross@ucl.ac.uk