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21 February 2018

“The Linkage between Face Processing, Language Processing, and Narrowing during Development” - Olivier Pascalis


Clore Lecture Theatre, Clore Management Building (link Map)
Birkbeck College | Torrington Square | London | United Kingdom

Open to: Academic | Student

UCL Centre for Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience & Birkbeck Centre for Brain and Cognitive Development

Abstract: From the beginning of life, face and language processing are crucial for establishing social communication. Studies on the development of systems for processing faces and language have yielded such similarities as perceptual narrowing across both domains. In this talk, I will review several functions of human communication, and then describe how the tools used to accomplish those functions are modified by perceptual narrowing. I will conclude that narrowing is common to all forms of social communication. I will argue that during evolution, social communication engaged different perceptual and cognitive systems—face, facial expression, gesture, vocalization, sound, and oral language—that emerged at different times. These systems are interactive and linked to some extent. In this framework, narrowing can be viewed as a way infants adapt to their native social group.


Katherine Ross
Please email | katherine.ross@ucl.ac.uk