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18:00 - 20:00 10 March 2017

Space of Refuge: a spatial installation and symposium


21- 27 Chalton Street | London | Somers Town | NW1 1JD | United Kingdom

Open to: Public | Academic | Student
Admission: 0
Ticketing: Open

Speaker information

Dr Elaine Chase, Speaker, UCL IOE
Dr Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh, Speaker, UCL Geography
Dr Romola Sanyal, Speaker, LSE
Huda Tayob, Speaker, (Bartlett Architecture)
Dr Camillo Boano, Speaker, UCL DPU
Samar Maqusi, Speaker, Bartlett Architecture
Dr Estella Carpi, Speaker, UCL DPU
Dr Adam Ramadan, Speaker, Birmingham University
Prof Murray Fraser, Moderator, Bartlett Architecture

Space of Refuge in a spatial installation which has emerged from Samar Maqusi's PhD fieldwork (UCL Bartlett Architecture), investigates the spatial production and evolution of Palestinian refugee camps since the 1940s, situating this within a documented history of practices of different host countries and the precarious geo?political situation in the Middle East. The reworked installation will address issues of inhabitation within camps in two host countries, namely Jordan and Lebanon, thereby highlighting the question of what becomes of these camp spaces when left unresolved over such a protracted period of time. In conjunction, the symposium will situate the issue of Palestinian refugees as a precursor of urgent matters of ‘refuge’ on a wider scale around the world. The latter will include discussions of conflict, resolution, protracted refugee status, host country policies, spatial production within refugee camps, socio?economic behaviour, cultural practices, and such like.


Samar Maqusi
+44 (0)7532633919 | samarmaqusi@gmail.com


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