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15:00 - 16:00 17 October 2018

UCL Division of Psychiatry: The computational anatomy of psychosis


G08 Sir David Davies LT | Roberts Building (link Map)
Malet Place | London | WC1E 7JE | United Kingdom

Open to: Academic | Student

Speaker: Professor Karl J. Friston, Institute of Neurology, UCL

Abstract: This talk considers formal or computational approaches to psychopathology. I will use schizophrenia to offer a case study of computational psychiatry. We first review the basic phenomenology and pathophysiological theories of schizophrenia. These motivate the choice of a formal or computational framework within which to understand the symptoms and signs of schizophrenia; particularly, in terms of false beliefs or inference. This framework is the Bayesian brain. We will focus on the (neuromodulatory) encoding of uncertainty or precision within predictive coding implementations of active inference – to demonstrate computational approaches to the nature and pathogenesis of hallucinations and delusions.


Berni Courtney
Please email | b.courtney@ucl.ac.uk


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