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13:00 13 July 2017

Circuit mapping with novel molecular genetic tools, by Dr Ali Cetin, Senior Manager, Viral Technology, Allen Institute for Brain Science


Ground Floor Lecture Theatre | Sainsbury Wellcome Center (link Map)
25 Howland Street | London | London W1T 4JG | United Kingdom

Open to: Academic | Student

Mammalian brain is composed of vast numbers of intricately interconnected neurons with various molecular, anatomical and physiological identities. To understand the roles of these individual building blocks, it will be critical to develop spatio-temporally precise tools that will allow neuronal subtype specific single cell level analysis. In our projects, we developed molecular tools that allow high throughput Cre line defined mesoscale monosynaptic circuit mapping.

No need to pre-book, just turn up!


Taylor-Gee, Alice


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