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13:00 - 14:00 18 January 2017

Estimating the strength of qualitative studies: approach for mixed studies systematic reviewing


G1 | 18 Woburn Square
wc1h0al | United Kingdom

Open to: Academic
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Ticketing: Open

Speaker information

Leonie van Grootel, Lecturer, Utrecht University, Leonie van Grootel is a methodologist specializing in systematic review methodology. Since 2011, she is affiliated as a Lecturer and PhD-Candidate at the department of Methodology and Statistics, Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences at Utrecht University, Netherlands. Van Grootel is currently working on her thesis in which she discusses multiple methods to combine qualitative and quantitative studies on review level. On several occasions, she has collaborated with researchers from the Evidence for Policy and Practice Information and Coordinating Centre at UCL. In addition to her research activities, Van Grootel teaches general statistics and methodology classes to undergraduate social science students.

In mixed studies reviewing, data from quantitative and qualitative studies are combined on the review level. One possibility to combine these studies is to ‘quantitize’ qualitative studies prior to their incorporation in a quantitative review. This study proposes a new approach to extract and quantitize direct effects from qualitative studies. The approach uses a framework that distinguishes between vague quantifiers with regard to the population and the relationship. Multiple indicators for the measurement of the strength of one qualitative study are identified in text fragments in qualitative studies and quantitized. The approach allows the reviewer to compute an average and a variance for each primary qualitative study. A motivating example shows how text fragments from 26 primary qualitative studies are transformed into an average correlation coefficient and corresponding variance.


Dylan Kneale
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