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13:00 13 November 2015

External Seminar: The role of voltage-gated K+ channels in regulating neuronal intrinsic excitability in the auditory pathway. Ian D. Forsythe.


G33 | UCL Ear Institute (link Map)
332 Grays Inn Road | London | WC1X 8EE | United Kingdom

Open to: Academic | Student

Speaker information

Ian D Forsythe, University of Leicester

How does an auditory neuron balance its excitability to the extent that it can fire in response to sound input and achieve a specific computation, without becoming over-excited (and at higher levels, epileptic) or become quiescent and unresponsive? Transmission and integration of information requires that synaptic strength is matched to the excitability of the target neuron. Synaptic plasticity is one way of achieving this and of exciting action potential generation. Another is through regulation of the ionic conductances through which that synaptic potential must integrate – this concept is known as intrinsic excitability (or plasticity). There are over 80 potassium channel genes and my laboratory has focused on exploring how specific voltage-gated potassium currents influence neuronal excitability in the auditory brainstem.


Roland Schaette