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15:15 - 16:15 9 March 2018

Brain Meeting: "Multiscale modelling of abnormal brain dynamics in development"


4th Floor Seminar Room | Institute of Neurology (link Map)
Queen Square House | Queen Square | London | WC1N 3BG | United Kingdom

Open to: Academic | Student

Speaker: Richard Rosch (UCL, WTCN) - Multiscale modelling of abnormal brain dynamics in development

Abstract: Abnormal development of neuronal circuits underlies many psychiatric and neurological conditions that emerge in childhood and adolescence. With recent advances in molecular diagnostics, striking progress has been made in our understanding of the molecular basis of neurodevelopmental conditions ranging from early infantile epilepsies to schizophrenia. Yet linking observations of brain-wide abnormalities to specific disturbances at the molecular and cellular level remains challenging. Computational models of neuronal function at different scales may offer a bridge between observable brain abnormalities and underlying molecular pathology. Here I will discuss a number of studies that try and bridge this gap using empirically informed neuronal models to explain mechanisms underlying conditions ranging from autoimmune encephalitis to epileptic encephalopathies.....


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