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13:00 - 14:00 16 September 2011

Using M/EEG to capture cortical dynamics of auditory attention


Main Seminar Room UCL Ear Institute | Clinical Neuroscience Building (link Map)
33 Queen Square | London | United Kingdom

Open to: Academic |

Speaker information

Adrian (KC) Lee

Spatial attention is often described as supramodal, e.g., crossmodal spatial cues can enhance the perception of stimuli in another modality when presented in the same location. How similar is the auditory spatial attentional network compared to its visual counterpart? In a series of experiments, we studied different aspects of auditory spatial attention by using magneto- and electro- encephalography, combined with anatomical information captured by magnetic resonance imaging. We examined the differences in cortical regions recruited for auditory spatial and non-spatial attention. We also investigated what cortical network is involved in switching of auditory attention from one hemifield to another. If time permits, I will also talk about a new MEG course that has attracted students from both neuroscience and engineering background in which we aim to foster fruitful collaborative approaches to advance our understanding of brain dynamics using MEG.


Kate Faxen
020 7679 8884 | kate.faxen@ucl.ac.uk