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10:00 - 11:00 4 December 2013

So what is dark matter?


Roberts 106 | Roberts Building (link Map)
Malet Place | London | WC1E 7JE | United Kingdom

Open to: Academic | Alumni | Public | Student
Admission: Free
Ticketing: Open

Speaker information

Dr Pierre Brun, Physicist, CEA Saclay, France, Dr Pierre Brun is a physicist at the Institute for Research into the Fundamental laws of the Universe at CEA Saclay, France. Pierre is working in the field of gamma-ray astronomy and cosmology and is a member of the High Energy Stereoscopic System (HESS) experiment, a cosmic ray laboratory of Cherenkov telescopes based in Namibia.

Using a range of very advanced technological instruments, experimental physicists are now able to accurately observe our universe in a wide range of spatial and energy scales. However, such observations show particularly puzzling inconsistencies and are often interpreted as the sign of an invisible "missing mass" in the universe called dark matter.

Is dark matter simply made of a known substance, of a new particle, or is it just a mere illusion created by yet unknown large scale gravitational effects?

To help answer these questions, Pierre will first review current knowledge of the dynamics of the universe and the physics of elementary particles. He will then take us through a journey on the main dark matter exploration tracks, from laboratories buried under mountains, to the large hadron collider at CERN, and to and gamma-ray astronomy.


Vincent Gimbert
+44 (0)20 7679 5536 | v.gimbert@ucl.ac.uk


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