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13:00 - 14:00 25 January 2019

Ear Institute: External Seminar


Main seminar room, UCL Ear Institute
332 Gray’s Inn Road | London | WC1X 8EE | United Kingdom

Open to: Academic | Student

Speaker: Johannes Dahmen, University of Oxford.

Title: “Contextual influences on neural processing in auditory cortex, thalamus and midbrain of the mouse”.

Classically, auditory perception is thought to rely on the flow of information from the sensory periphery via a sequence of hierarchically organised brain structures up to the cortex. However, perception is also highly dependent on the context in which a given stimulus occurs such as input from other sensory modalities, stimulus history and an animal’s actions, intentions and expectations. In the lab we combine transsynaptic tracing, electrophysiology, two-photon calcium imaging, optogenetics and behavioural analysis to a) document how such contextual variables affect processing in the auditory system and b) reveal the circuits that give rise to these effects. I aim to share the results from three ongoing projects focussing on the auditory cortex, thalamus and midbrain of the mouse.

Host: Jen Linden (j.linden@ucl.ac.uk)


UCL Ear Institute
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