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17:00 - 18:00 12 March 2013

Neural ensemble behavior in perception and reward-dependent learning


Gavin de Beer

Open to: Academic | Student

Speaker information: Prof. Cyriel M.A. Pennartz, University of Amsterdam. Hosts: Matteo Carandini and Kenneth Harris

Abstract: In this talk I will address population behavior in three different, but interacting brain systems. First we will look at neural activity in the prefrontal cortex, especially orbitofrontal cortex, which has been linked to flexible representations of stimulus-outcome associations. A second topic will be to ask what the scope of reward-dependent learning is throughout the brain, taking primary visual cortex as a case study. We will discuss 2-photon imaging evidence showing that reward information not only impinges on primary sensory areas, but also has long-lasting effects on visual tuning curves of specific cell assemblies. Finally neural synchrony will be considered as a putative communication mechanism operating between brain areas for sensory-to-memory processing.


Kenneth Harris
020 7388 3660 | kenneth.harris@ucl.ac.uk