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12:00 2 July 2015

UCL Cancer Institute Seminar Series: The Social Nature of Cancer Cells


Courtyard Café | Paul O'Gorman Building (link Map)
72 Huntley Street | London | WC1E 6BT | United Kingdom

Open to: Academic | Student

Speaker: Professor Ilaria Malanchi, The Francis Crick Institute.

Dr Malanchi laboratory approaches cancer as all body disease, studying the complex interactions cancer cells establish with the surrounding tissue cells in the search of opportunity to improved patient treatments. Cancer rises when a cell of a certain tissue loses its specialized function, stop contributing to organ activity and importantly start breaking the rules limiting its growth within the tissue. This cancer-initiating cell restarts the embryonic program of “construction”, activates extensively proliferation and builds new interactions with the surrounding healthy cells of the tissue plaguing their behaviour.

Hosted by Sergio Quezada.

This seminar has been sponsored in part by Taconic Bioscience and the Biomedical Research Centre.


Dr Sergio Quezada
Please email | s.quezada@ucl.ac.uk