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19:00 - 21:30 30 October 2015

Memory Matters: The Art and Science of the Brain


Conference Centre | The British Library (link Map)
96 Euston Road | London | NW1 2DB | United Kingdom

Open to: Academic | Public | Student

An evening exploration of the strange science of memory

How do we form memories and how are they recalled? How does our brain use memories to navigate our world, predict the future and remember the past? Professor Nicky Clayton FRS and Dr Hugo Spiers are joined by scientists, artists and performers for an evening exploration of the strange science of memory.

In this interactive event we will explore how the brain constructs representations of our world allowing us to travel mentally through time and space. Discover how Chris Rawlins developed his super human memory and take away some top tips to help you remember things. Find out how the British Library are preserving the memory of the nation and discover how reliving our memories is the key to creativity and problem solving in this collaborative event hosted by the British Library and UCL Neuroscience.


Candice Lewis
Please email | candice.lewis@ucl.ac.uk


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