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17:30 - 19:00 19 November 2015

War and Peace.. and Institutions: When do political institutions prevent, rather than promote, civil wars?


JZ Young Lecture Theatre | Anatomy Building (link Map)
Gower Street | London | WC1E 6BT | United Kingdom

Open to: Academic | Alumni | Public | Student
Admission: Free
Ticketing: Pre-booking essential

Speaker information

Dr. Kristin M. Bakke, Senior Lecturer, SPP
Dr. Nils Metternich, Lecturer, SPP
Dr. Julian Wucherpfennig, Lecturer, SPP

What kind of institutional solutions are there to conflicts in places like Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Ukraine? Why do certain institutional arrangements in some places promote peace while in other places the very same institutions seem to be part of the problem? Key to understanding the origins, dynamics, and potential solutions to these kinds of conflicts are political institutions. Institutions can include or exclude certain groups and individuals, redistribute or concentrate wealth, provide or deny access to power, and protect or neglect the rights of minorities. Yet there are rarely cookie cutter institutional solutions available to the “political engineer” who wants to promote peace.

In this seminar, members of the SPP’s Conflict & Change group discuss the conditions under which various political institutions can discourage or encourage conflicts.


Dimitrios Kraniotis
+44 (0)20 7679 4902 | d.kraniotis@ucl.ac.uk


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