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17:30 - 19:15 29 April 2015

Conceptualizing causes for lack of recognition: capacities, costs and understanding


Room 828 | UCL Institute of Education (link Map)
20 Bedford Way | London | WC1H 0AL | United Kingdom

Open to: Academic | Alumni | Public | Student
Admission: Free
Ticketing: Open

Speaker information

Dr Heikki Ikaheimo, University of New South Wales, Australia

In contemporary Hegel-influenced philosophy recognition is mostly thought of as a good thing. Some see it as a pre-condition of positive, individual or collective self-conceptions or identities, others even as ontologically foundational for the human life-form and thus as something without which we could not exist as the kinds of beings we are at all. But if recognition is indeed such an important and good thing, and if it is in principle something humans can give each other, why is there so often lack of it?

In this paper Dr Heikki Ikaheimo will discuss the different potential answers – turning around the notions of capacities, costs and understanding – in terms of the most differentiated analysis of the concept of recognition.


SunInn Yun