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13:45 - 18:00 9 March 2011

Evolution: Past and future


JZ Young Lecture Theatre | Medical Sciences and Anatomy Building (link Map)
Gower Street | London | WC1E 6BT | United Kingdom

Open to: Academic | Alumni | Public | Student
Admission: Free
Ticketing: Open

Speaker information

Professor Steve Jones, Lecturer in Genetics, Evolution and Environment, UCL, Until last year, Professor Jones was the Head of the Department of Genetics, Environment & Evolution at UCL, where he has spent the last thirty years as a lecturer, reader, and then Professor of Genetics. He lectures on various genetics courses as well as appearing regularly on BBC Radio and the television and being a prize-winning author of popular science. At the Human Sciences Symposium Steve will use his excellent rhetorical abilities to help us answer the question: “Is natural selection on humans over?”
Professor Ruth Mace, Professor of Evolutionary Anthropology, UCL, Professor Mace is interested in a range of areas in human evolutionary ecology, especially those relating to human life history and reproduction. She is involved in studies of the evolutionary ecology and demography of several rural, African populations, as well as cross-cultural comparative studies testing adaptive hypotheses about the biological and cultural evolution of human diversity.
Professor Mark Maslin, Director of the UCL Environment Institute and Head of the Department of Geography, UCL, Professor Maslin's areas of scientific expertise include causes of past and future global climate change particularly ocean circulation and gas hydrates. He has also written 7 popular books, over 25 popular articles (e.g., for New Scientist, Independent and Guardian) and appeared on television and radio. At the symposium he will discuss the effect of climate change on human evolution in a talk entitled: “Human Evolution in the Garden of Eden”.
Alex Mesoudi, Lecturer in Psychology, Queen Mary University, London, Alex studies and teaches on the the subject of cultural evolution. This is the theory that human information such as knowledge, beliefs, skills and norms are passed from individual to individual via social learning. This constitutes a Darwinian evolutionary process, similar in key respects to the evolution of biological species. Mesoudi has written many journal articles, commentaries and chapters on the subject. At the symposium he will speak about how cultural evolution has taken over from genetic evolution.

The UCL Human Sciences Symposium Committee has organised and designed this public symposium and welcomes anyone who finds the theme of 'evolution: past and future' of interest.

The excellent line up of speakers will discuss different aspects of the theme that they specialise in and their speeches will be followed by an open discussion between the audience and the panel.

A drinks reception in the Human Sciences common room will follow.


Katherine Stedman


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