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Tuesday 20 November 2018

Brain Food Event Submissions

(until 23 Nov 18)

UCL's CAM Events team are now welcoming submissions from all UCL departments for their public events to be featured in the Spring edition of Brain Food, UCL's public events leaflet.…


Lunch Hour Lecture: Tracing Desert Sand over Months to Millions of Years

13:10  — 13:55

Northern Chad’s Bodele Depression is home to the world’s largest and fastest moving barchan (crescentic) dunes. These dunes are not made of sand but of diatom fossils. The migration…


Tuesday 27 November 2018

Lunch Hour Lecture: What Can the ONS Longitudinal Study Tell Us about Time Travel and about the Force?

13:10  — 13:55

The ONS Longitudinal Study is a sample of around 1% of persons in England and Wales, drawn from the decennial census. The sample comprises all people born on four (undisclosed) days…


Tuesday 4 December 2018

Lunch Hour Lecture: The Revolutionary Striptease, 1968

13:10  — 13:55

About the lecture: Viva Maria!, French director Louis Malle’s film comedy of 1965, starring Brigitte Bardot and Jeanne Moreau, seems an unlikely catalyst for world revolution. It narrates…