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UCL Lancet Lecture 2017 – Mrs Lilianne Ploumen

20 November 2017

Mrs Lilianne Ploumen, Dutch MP will talk about creating the She Decides international sexual and reproductive healthcare initiative in response to President Trump’s reinstatement of the US global gag rule.


Encore! Who likes working in open-plan?

21 November 2017

Why do some insist that they need the privacy of a cellular office while others insist that an open office landscape is better? Professor Penn will review what we know about the way…


Opposites Attract – Facsimile cities: should architects now be making video game worlds?

23 November 2017

For centuries, architects have dreamed up new cities and societies. Today, the widespread influence of contemporary video game technologies challenges the architect’s hold on speculative…


To Infinity and Beyond! Life in our solar system: redefining the habitable zone

28 November 2017

Traditionally, the search for life beyond Earth has been in the ‘habitable zone’, where water may be, or may have been, present on a planetary surface. Professor Coates will examine…


#trending – Language brokers, not stock brokers: young people as traders of culture

30 November 2017

When young people migrate to a new country, they often learn the local language rapidly and inevitably begin to translate on behalf of their family. These ‘child language brokers’ translate…


Taboo – Lesbians as a metaphorical threat to the heteronormative national order? History of sexualities, politics and cinema under communism in Eastern Europe

5 December 2017

Is there a history of lesbian life under communism? Following a screening of the 1982 film The Other Way, Dr Chowaniec will analyse the attitude to homosexuality in Eastern European…