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Lunch Hour Lecture: What is a Disaster?

2 October 2018

About the lecture: An earthquake shatters Haiti and a hurricane slices through Texas. We hear that nature runs rampant, fighting to destroy us through these 'natural disasters'. Science…


Lunch Hour Lecture - Cosmic Dawn: The Quest for the First Galaxies

9 October 2018

About the lecture: The first billion years after the Big Bang is widely regarded as the final observational frontier in assembling a complete picture of cosmic history. During this…


Lunch Hour Lecture: What’s Really Going On in Hillary Clinton’s Emails?

16 October 2018

About the lecture: Since the US Government released Hillary Clinton’s emails to the public, there has been huge interest from journalists, politicians, and the general public, looking…


Lunch Hour Lecture: On Data, Media, and Democracy

18 October 2018

About the lecture: In this lecture Professor Lee Grieveson explores the ways in which digital media and new practices of data-mining and psychographic messaging were used in the 2016…


Lunch Hour Lecture: A Journey through the Cuban Economic Labyrinth

30 October 2018

Ideological battles rage over Cuban economic performance: is it a basket case, proving the calamity of central planning, or a shining example of social progress made possible by rejection…