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Strange Creatures: The art of unknown animals

16 March - 27 June 2015

When new regions are explored and the species in them discovered, how does the wider world get to experience them? From the earliest days of exploration, art has been essential in representing…


Where we are now: Psychoanalytic research in the 21st century

19 March - 12 April 2015

This new exhibition explores how psychoanalytic ideas are currently used in research which engages with very contemporary issues and the challenges of the modern world. The pieces…


Art makes teachers powerful

8 - 11 April 2015

Bob and Roberta Smith’s recent statement that “Art makes Children powerful” argues for greater value in cultural learning. We believe it is as important for teachers as it is for children.…


Heroes from the dark side or the light side? Ancient and modern heroes versus the Minotaur

8 April 2015

Join us for a glass of wine, a quality screening and an erudite introduction. In the pilot episode from BBC Atlantis ‘The Earth Bull’ from 2013 a modern hero from the light side Jason…


Guardian Gaming Night: video games, the military and morality

9 April 2015

Military shooters like Call of Duty and Battlefield sell in their millions, dominating the charts and presenting a very particular view of war and how it is fought. Fans call it escapist…


Coalition or minority government in May?

15 April 2015

Robert Hazell and Peter Riddell have been briefing the broadcasters on the process of government formation in the event of a hung Parliament. This seminar is based on that briefing,…


Urban Lab Films: Cities After Hours

13 May 2015

In the second Nocturnal City film evening, we explore the inequalities of the city at night. We will screen 'The Houseless Shadow' (William Raban, 2011), a contemporary portrait…