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Lunch Hour Lecture - The rising culture of non-drinking: are we getting sick of being sick?

25 January 2018

Adolescence is the time when children are likely to experiment with risky behaviours such as drinking alcohol. While around the age of 15 is the time when children are likely to engage…


Lunch Hour Lecture - The cradle of humanity – why did the changing landscape of Africa make us so smart?

1 February 2018

Humans are weak and have no natural weapons, but because we are super smart, we are the world’s top predator. But why did revolution favour the brainy ape? Mark Maslin investigates…


Lunch Hour Lecture - The passenger rail network: a public good or a profit maker?

6 February 2018

The subject of many newspaper columns and supposed poster child of a success of private sector involvement in transport provision: Britain’s railways. Come find out more about the complex…


McMafia: The Reality

7 February 2018

The BBC's McMafia is an international thriller with Russian organised crime at its heart and London as its hub. But how realistic is the portrayal of Russian-managed drug and human…


Lunch Hour Lecture - Lesbian mothers and practices of conception in post-war Britain

8 February 2018

This lecture will explore the history of lesbian motherhood in Britain 1945–1978 – a period when cultural attitudes largely assumed that it was impossible to be both a lesbian and a…


Lunch Hour Lecture - What happened to the hydrogen economy?

20 February 2018

In the early noughties, the hydrogen economy was touted as the next energy global revolution. Then it disappeared from view. What happened? In this talk, we’ll explore how fuel cell…


Lunch Hour Lecture - Understanding sleep and sleeplessness: can science and cultural history be used together?

22 February 2018

Sleep is an enormous part of our lives: why do we do it? And why do we sometimes struggle to do so? Biology cannot fully explain our experience of sleep. Writers have always been fascinated…


Lunch Hour Lecture - What’s your bias? Psychological insights into political conflicts

27 February 2018

This talk explores recent psychological research that offers some insight into why we disagree on topics such as inequality, nationalism and immigration. This research suggests that…


Lunch Hour Lecture - The birds and the bees: animal sex in medieval art

1 March 2018

“Birds do it, bees do it” goes the refrain of a popular song. But how different species ‘do it’ is left to the imagination. Taking in examples from illuminated manuscripts, Professor…


Lunch Hour Lecture - Tick-tock of the biological clock

8 March 2018

Globally, women are increasingly delaying the birth of their first child, as they lead very different lives to their mothers. But a woman’s fertility declines with age, significantly…


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